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William Glennie
(??/??/1894 to ??/??/1972)[wg1]

William Glennie, MM, CBE. Second son of William and Mary Glennie. Born Logie Coldstone 1894. Died Edinburgh 1972. As was the case with his elder brother Alick, the 'dominie', James B. Anderson permitted him to stay at school for another year until he was 15. During that extra year, not only was he taught the basics of latin and greek, but was also given some more practical tuition such as in surveying, a skill that could be most useful in the countryside. Joined the Post Office in Newcastle 1899? Transferred to Glasgow before the outbreak of the First World War.

Joined newly raised 17th Batallion HLI (the Featherbeds) in 1915. Awarded MM. Active Service Editor of the Batallion Magazine, The Outpost, until the end of the war. Training for a commission when the war ended in November 1918. Possibly at this stage, or shortly after, he transferred to the Ministry of Labour serving in London, Cardiff, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, where he became Deputy Director for Scotland. Appointed Director of the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance for Scotland at its inception in 1945? a task not only of setting up local offices around the country, but also of ensuring that new legislation in Westminster did not conflict with Scottish law.

Retired 1954, moving from Nile Grove Edinburgh to Longniddry, East Lothian. Member of Ecumenical Council of the Church of Scotland. Married Elsie Arkless from Gateshead 1921/2?, died of leukaemia 1928 in Wembley, London. Three children, Harry (1923-1944), Alick Edwards (1925-) and Elsie Margaret (1927-).